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About Jill...

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I am a lover of all things old (movies, music, photos, memorabilia, places, people)

& I find that so much beauty is found in the past.

My work explores layers of memory/experience & focuses on women & their traditional vs. non-traditional roles, power & vulnerability.  With a strong sense of nostalgia, I try to bring the viewer into the work through layers, hidden words, meanings & humor.  I hope that each person who takes in my work will come away with their own intimate connection to it.

I value beauty, color & pattern and use them freely.

I am the mother of two adult daughters (Hannah & Ruby) and grandma of Lewis.

I sing with a jazz combo, teach art & entertain senior citizens, have been studying French for a number of years and love to read.

My incredibly supportive husband, Dave and I love to travel, but call St. Paul, MN home.

I would love to create something special for you!  

Please contact me to commission a work custom made for you.             - Jill

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